My Art

I am a Traditional Artist

Tools of Trade: Prismacolour, Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils | Canson Sketch Paper | Adobe Photoshop
I don’t do watercolor. I’ve tried my hardest. My Prang doesn’t like me. But I might be trying again.

Marry Me

“I just wanted to draw a flower.”
Practicing with a limited palette.

Marry Me by Taga-Mugenjou

– – –

Hug Me

“I drew this for my Best Friend. This is her Super Persona – Super Janjie”
I remember making comic strips of her character on torn notebook pages. The story was so waley.
It was all about her misadventures as a super hero with a super hairdo.
Her power actually comes from that thick bulge. It protects her from all forms of attacks like Gaara’s sand armor. The strands can move on their own.
Bear was her love-interest. I can’t tell you the story behind that.
Hug Me


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