Half-filled Pessimism

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Tatlong Aksidente – Character Sketches

These are my preliminary character sketches for my story Tatlong Aksidente:

Preliminary Character SketchesYou might want to stare at them for a while. And there’s Gretchen (top-left picture – First person from left), probably your favorite character. I’ll be finalizing them as soon as I can. I’m going to focus on this story for now. I need to finish it before Feb because I promised a friend. That made sense? No. Actually… Hmmm… I don’t want to share it till I’m done with all 24 Chapters of it.

I have a small group of readers but I feel so blessed already. I’m overwhelmed with all those feedback. Here’s a siomai, and buko juice. OUR DREAMS WILL NEVER DIE.

So I made a blog…



ImageIt’s so red and colorful. Hmmp. I did all of these and I am just so proud. I worked hard for three days to get this done. It’s not yet perfect but I’m starting to like it. Nah nah nah c’mon.

I created this Blog for the following reasons:

  1. I wanted to learn how to navigate WordPress.

    You see It’s a very profitable skill. There is just a huge number of people on the internet making it a convenient place for marketing. Almost everyone’s into business and that increases the demand for SEO specialists. Blogging, Article, and Social Media Marketing are the hottest skills today. Knowing WordPress will give you an advantage.

  2. I keep my Wattpad Life a secret – But I kinda share it with a few of my real-life friends.

    Why? – I’m just the shiest person on earth. I just can’t be proud about posting and promoting all these blahs on my Facebook account. Relatives and younger cousins are watching closely. They all look at me like I’m some prim and proper lady who is all sunshine and roses and rainbows. And if you’ve read my works, you’ve seen my other side. 

  3. So… This is to market my stories – I’m practicing my WordPress skills remember?

Mansanas Chan